Keno family and Steve Blount of FBC Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Colette Keno and her child (with her friends) were physically removed from 11:00 am service for doing absolutely nothing except praying and singing. The police officer got physical with her as she said she had a right to pray and resisted. Here she being lectured by Steve Blount. Romney Rogers trIed to stop me from filming. This is disgusting.


First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale staff harasses and removes a family from worship service. Mother is injured by Fort Lauderdale police officer. Eyewitnesses say the family did nothing to deserve such treatment and were shocked. Watch to the end and see church Trustee member Romney Rogers rip the phone out of the father’s hand for no good reason.

Ironically… The very controversial Pastor R James Welch had preached on Love & Unity. Seems like they need to practice what they preach.  Yes, it sounds crazy because it is.